Covid 19 Policies

At this point in time we will remain curbside for 2022. In addition to helping keep all of us healthy, we are learning that this helps to reduce stress on the dogs in our care, lowers congestion in our small lobby, and lowers the risks when multiple dogs arrive at the same time. 

When you arrive please remain in your car and keep your dog in your car until we are ready, unless we have made other arrangements with you. Your dog should attempt to potty at home prior to coming in, and we assure you that the first thing we then do upon arrival is put them out in their private yard to potty again. Please do not walk around the parking lot with your dog.

If your dog is comfortable with us, we will remove your dog from the vehicle. If your dog cannot be safely removed by us, we will ask you to remove the dog from the car when we are ready.

We are no longer accepting dogs on harnesses. We will be providing our regularly attending dogs with a kennel lead to use. You may put this leash on when you leave home, along with your dogs harness or regular lead and then simply unsnap the collar or harness prior to our getting your dog. Or you may choose to just bring the dog in on the kennel lead.  All kennel leads are washed or sanitized upon arrival and a clean one will be sent home on your dog.  

If you or someone in your home has been diagnosed or suspected of having Covid19, please do not come to our facility. If you are unable to care for your dog properly due to illness, we can still accept them in boarding with some special precautions in place. Call or email for information.  

Payments currently must be made by CC/Check or Exact Cash only. We will be unable to give change. As always, payment in advance by the end of the preceding month or the beginning of the new month is preferred and will get you the best rate.  

Tours and Meet and Greets are currently not available.  We do not anticipate Tours will return until Lancaster County moves to Green or Beyond Green.  We apologize but our rooms are simply too small to allow for social distancing.  


Pre-Approval Process

We currently have a waiting list for our daycare programs. If you would like to enroll your dog in our daycare program, we must first confirm your dogs vaccination records, and then we will add you to the waiting list.  When a daycare spot opens up, we will contact you to schedule an in-person assessment and a trial daycare day. The assessment lasts 30 minutes and costs a prepaid, non-refundable fee of $50. If approved, your dog's first day (trial day) is at no cost. During the assessment you will be able to view our indoor training and play area as well as our outdoor yards. You will not be permitted to enter the suite area of the kennel due to the stress it causes for the dogs in our care.

If approved for the trial day, at the end of the day you will receive a detailed report on how the dog did, our recommended frequency of attendance, and confirmation that the dog has been accepted into our program. Please be aware that at any time a dogs behavior may change and the dog may be dismissed from our daycare program.


Daycare dog.


Daycare is available Monday through Friday except on Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day. Daycare is also closed on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and the day before Thanksgiving

Drop off: 7:30am-9:00am
Pick up: 2:30-6:00pm

*Daycare dogs must arrive by 9am

**Please note we close promptly at 6pm. If your dog has not been picked up it will be fed a light meal, and tucked in for the evening. You may pick them up the next day during our open hours. You will be assessed a $15 overnight charge.


Fees and Payments

Pre-reservations are due by the 30th of the preceding month and must be prepaid or paid via our online invoicing system. Pre-reservations that are cancelled due to weather or illness may be credited to a future stay. Pre-reservations canceled due to an owners schedule change, are not eligible to be used towards future stays unless done so in the same month as the original reservation and given at least 48 hours notice. No-shows or cancellations with less than 48 hours are not eligible for credit or refund. Daycare stays that are not reserved in advance are not guaranteed, and are available only at our full price rate. All fees for random stays are due at time of pick-up. A $25.00 service charge will be applied for all returned checks.



As our daycare program is limited in the number of dogs we can accommodate, enrollment is limited to regularly attending dogs. Dogs must attend a min. of one time per week for our Regular program, and two times a week for our Tier 2 Day School program.


Vaccinations and Health Requirements

We recognize that vaccine protocols have changed and many owners and Veterinarians choose to follow a three year protocol for the Core vaccines. Puppies must have 2 Distemper/Parvo vaccinations with the second one being given at least ten or more days prior to their stay. Adult dogs must be under the care of a local vet and following that vet's recommended protocol or have had a Distemper/Parvo within the last three years, or submit titre test results showing immunity to distemper and parvo. All dogs over the age of 12 weeks must submit a Rabies Vaccination Certificate dated within 3 years. State law requires that the certificate be provided, not a copy of bill/records.

Vaccines are given to help protect your dog against common canine illnesses. That said, it's recognized that vaccination is not fool proof. Some dogs simply have poor immune systems no matter how often they have been vaccinated. We follow the highest industry standards for reducing the risks of infection however Canine cough and flu is air born and highly contagious. Any dogs showing signs of illness will immediately be quarantined and may be sent home. However it needs to be understood that any dog who comes into contact with other dogs may be exposed and could develop an illness. Canine Flu and Canine Cough is transmitted in the same way the Human Cold and Flu is transmitted and is highly contagious.

If your dog is Coughing, Vomiting, or has Diahrea it may not attend daycare, as many times these symptoms are signs of Communicable illnesses. Your dog must stay home until symptoms subside, or in the case of coughing ten days after the cough is first heard. We appreciate your understanding. Any dogs showing signs of communicable illness will immediately be quarantined and may be sent home. Dogs showing signs of severe or life threatening illness, or injury, will be treated by a Veterinarian at the owners cost and may be transferred to a Veterinarians care for the remainder of the dogs stay depending on the severity of the illness or injury.

Any dog showing signs of internal or external parasites will be treated as appropriate, under a Veterinarians guidance if needed.


Weather Related Cancellations and Closures

While we are always here during regular hours and are happy to take care of your dog, our puppy bus does not run in severe weather. Our cancellation policy for our puppy bus is as follows; If Penn Manor School District is on a two hour delay or closed due to weather, our Puppy Bus program is cancelled for the day. If the school district you reside in is on a two hour delay or closed due to weather, but Penn Manor is not, the puppy bus may not be available to you however it is possible other arrangements may be able to be made such as picking your dog up at an alternative spot. Call or text the bus driver after 6 am the day of pick up to discuss. If Penn Manor School District is closed due to weather, our Daycare program for the day is cancelled.


All tours are by appointment only. While we often hear it recommended that a potential customer should stop by a facility unannounced,being a small facility we simply cannot accommodate surprise visits as many times we do not have a staff member free to conduct the tour. To do so would interrupt our time with the dogs and compromise our ability to provide safe and proper care of the dogs. We cannot, for example, put our daycare dogs away unexpectedly and for safety reasons we cannot show people our facility while the daycare dogs are in certain areas. Likewise it is stressful for our dogs, for example, if a tour occurs in the middle of mealtime. Many of our dogs, while friendly with each other, react strongly to strangers coming on site. We take pride in operating a low stress facility and simply will not compromise the dogs comfort, happiness, and exercise with interruptions. We no longer offer tours for daycare. Please refer to the preapproval process listed above. Please do not stop in asking for a tour. We refuse to compromise on this policy as it stresses the dogs in our care to have strangers enter their play and rest areas. If safety and comfort come first for you and your dogs, we know you will understand!