Dog trainingPET TRAINING

We offer the following classes to help you develop good manners in your canine companion. Basic commands are taught, along with skills to help teach good manners, problem solving for behaviors such as jumping and barking. In Advanced Manners we work on reliability and off leash control.

  1. Puppy/Beginner Manners - A basic class teaching the skills of sit, down, loose leash walking, come, and more!
  2. Advanced Manners - The next step after Beginner Manners. In advanced manners we work on reliability and off leash control.
  3. Canine Good Citizen - See description below.

Groups are small (4-8 dogs), encouraging camaraderie and an open exchange of ideas.

Puppy and Puppy & Advanced Manners Sessions are five weeks long and last 45 min each week. Canine Good Citizen is a six-week session with learning weeks 1-5 and a test on week 6.


This class will prepare you for the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen certification. The program stresses responsible dog ownership for owners and basic training and good manners for dogs. This is a rapidly growing, nationally recognized program that serves as an excellent foundation for future training. (see also our new Controlled Canine Advanced Class - in the Behavioral Class section)

$150 per 6 week session (additional fees for AKC CGC certification)


A "field trip" class, where training is done in a new location each week to develop and proof your dogs manners. *prerequisite classes - Controlled Canine Class, Advanced Manners, or any competitive obedience class. This class begins with a week one orientation held at the school, and then you choose which additional 5 field trips you would like to attend.

Private Lessons

If you don't wish to attend a group class or are unable to, private lessons are available.  Private lessons can be used to learn anything the dog owner wishes: better communication with your dog, basic obedience, to develop better manners, or to train for a competitive dog sport. Discounts available for multiple lessons.  Prices vary based on time and location.

  • $85 base rate per hour for in-person lesson
  • $50 base rate per hour for phone consultations or Zoom sessions.



We have two parking lots and two buildings on the property. All training classes, lessons and testing are conducted at the second building. From New Danville Pike turn right on Stoney Lane and drive past the entrance to our kennel (sign along road) to the second parking lot on the left.

The sign on our training building says "Dog Sense Learning Center".