Dogs can’t be expected to know right from wrong if they don’t understand what’s expected of them. Obedience training offers huge benefits to both the dog and the owner. Here are some of the biggest.

Better Understanding

Through obedience training, you’ll become more familiar with your dog’s ways of communicating with you via his unique signals and body language. Likewise, your dog will better understand your commands.

Stronger Bond

For your dog to trust and respect its owner, a strong bond is essential. This bond can be achieved through the positive techniques used in Dog Sense obedience classes. Dogs that take obedience classes pay more attention to and are more responsive to their owners, which makes both of you more relaxed, content, and confident.


Dogs crave exercise, mental stimulation, and quality time with their owner, and obedience training offers all of these benefits. We all know that dogs love treats, but what isn’t as well known is that dogs love having a job to do that allows them to earn the treat, as opposed to having it handed to them.

PET TRAINING - We offer the following classes to help you develop good manners in your canine companion. Basic commands are taught, along with skills to help...
COMPETITIVE OBEDIENCE CLASSES - We offer rally obedience, pre-novice puppy, novice, open, utility, and combined progressive obedience.
SPORTS - Agility for fun allows you and your dog to have fun running a course, and Nosework allows your dogs to put those new skills to work playing this great new game!
Whether you are wanting to train your dog and certify it as a therapy dog, so the two of you can help others, or you are looking for information on our Facility based Therapy Dog program you can find it here.
BEHAVIOUR COUNSELING SESSIONS- Is your dog fearful, aggressive, hyperactive? Have you tried “everything” and nothing seems to help your problem dog?
No time to train your dog? Let us assist you! We offer two and four week board and train programs customized to your dog training needs.