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Two dogs posing on a dirt road


It is hard to imagine dogs without also imagining dog collars. If you are like us, you use dog collars to help keep your dog safe and under control in public spaces.


But owners must always supervise their dogs when they wear a collar.


While it may seem safe, and it is undoubtedly easy to forget about as dog owners, we must ensure we are prompt in only using a collar on our dogs when necessary.


 Unfortunately, leaving collars on our pups can lead to severe injury and even death.


A Cautionary Tale


It was a winter’s day, and the view from the window was sunny, but someone forgot to tell the thermometer that.


Our friend’s two corgis were having a blast playing with each other throughout the house. As they always would, being adopted siblings.


Jaxon and Stella never had issues together, and they certainly had never gotten into trouble playing in their collars.


But, unfortunately…


disaster need only strike once to lead to tragedy.


Right in front of their owner’s eyes, Stella and Jax became entangled.


Stella’s jaw got stuck under Jax’s collar, and as they both struggled, the situation worsened.


The pair quickly became more trapped, with the collar becoming so tight around Jax’s neck that he could no longer breathe. Our friend desperately tried to use the quick-release clasp, but even that proved impossible.


Stella’s jaw wrenched the collar so much that they could not get scissors under it to cut it away from Jax’s neck.


At this point, Jax had lost consciousness and went limp.


Luckily for them, Jax going limp was the best possible scenario.


The scared pup’s inability to struggle allowed them enough time to loosen the collar and resuscitate him.


While this story had a happy ending, with both Stella and Jaxon walking away unharmed, this is far from the only story we have heard. 


The outcome of the other stories is not always as happy.


Other Reasons


As you can see, leaving a collar on your dog while they play with other dogs can be dangerous.

Even if you are watching them!


But it is not just playtime that makes collars dangerous; collars can also be a hazard while your dog wanders the house. 


Your dog’s collar could become stuck on various common household items, such as door knobs, tables, and anything sticking out.


Collars can also be damaging to your dog's coat and skin, depending on their fur type and overall sensitivity.


It is essential to give your dog’s coat and skin time to breathe, especially after going for walks. 

Collars do a lot of good for dogs and are an important part of training and raising a dog.


But would you want to wear one all day?


Yeah, neither would we.


Dog Sense and Your Dog’s Collar


Here at Dog Sense, we will never allow your dogs to play with a collar on while they stay with us, whether it’s Stay & Train, doggy daycare, or dog boarding here in Lancaster, PA.


The first thing we do when your dog is through the door and situated in its kennel is take off its collar!


We do not allow dogs to play with collars under our supervision, whether that is your dog or our own.