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How do you know your dog is getting enough exercise? Are you aware how much physical exercise a dog needs per day to stay healthy and happy? Do you know the behavioral and physical signs a lack of exercise causes?

Most dog trainers and veterinarians agree the average dog needs 30-90 minutes of cardiovascular-type exercise, such as running, playing, jumping, brisk walking, etc., every day. A few breeds and mixes need more, while the smallest dogs may need slightly less.

The well-exercised dog is calmer, more focused, and healthier. Exercise in itself will not take away problem behaviors, but it will definitely help. Some of the problem behaviors connected to under-exercised dogs include destructive behavior like chewing, digging, pacing, and obsessive compulsive behaviors.

Anxiety can also be connected to under-exercised dogs. Dogs lacking exercise may be a bit chubby, particularly if their caloric intake exceeds the needs of their body. Dogs lacking exercise may have soft musculature leading to joint issues and stability issues. A dog who is not exercised enough will also become short of breath faster or may pant more, even when it’s not hot.

Many pet owners don’t have the 30-90 minutes a day to exercise their dogs. Or perhaps they have a large active dog and not enough room to be able to properly exercise them. Dog Sense can help.

In our training programs and dog training classes, we teach you and your dog simple games that can be used in smaller areas to exercise your dog. We can teach you a reliable recall so running in a larger area is more enjoyable, and we can help you train your dog not to pull on its leash so walks are more enjoyable.

For the busy pet owner, the Dog Sense dog daycare program can help you be assured your dog is getting enough exercise and staying healthy, even when you have to travel, work late, or take care of other obligations.

Our dog boarding facility also allows for plenty of playtime and exercise, privately or with other dogs. It’s not just sitting in the kennel all day! We offer swimming, play, agility, obedience training, and retrieving -- all great exercise options for your dog.

Coming Summer 2018 we will also offer a digging box as a new way to exercise your dog while it’s here.

After a day of exercise and play with us, don’t forget to sign up your dog for a Spa treatment in our Grooming room, complete with a splash of breezy cologne to help them smell fresh after a day (or week) of playing in our activity areas! Contact us at (717) 509-5652 to learn more.

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